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Tuesday, June 24 2008

We Have A New Blog Site! Yippee!!

Wow, it's been a while since we've made a post here, things have been very busy around Baldo HQ and we've had a rough time keeping up with all the recent reader mail and making posts manually the way we've been. So we are finally moving onto a Buy Microsoft Outlook 2013 64 bit real blog platform so you guys can have a better user experience and have the live, timely updates you deserve.

Now, be warned the site is straight out of the box and has no customization at all. It's bare bones and butt ugly! But it's functional and we didn't want to wait before sharing it with you. Action is the key to success after all, and waiting for perfection usually leads to things never getting done. It's a work in progress and we hope you continue to be active fans by continueing to share your thoughts and strong opinions with us and each other while we work on customizing the site. Also, if there's anything you would like to see us implement on the blog, let us know. We need your feedback.

So what are you waiting for? Get your nalgas over to and let us know what you think.

P.S. The post archives on this site will remain in place, as we get quite a few searches for past storylines and posts. So if your looking for anything posted before today, this will be the place to find it.

See ya on the new blog. ; )
Post by Where can i buy Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 mac 32 bit software CarlosC

Wednesday, March 26 2008
Welcome Aboard San Jose Mercury News!
The San Jose Mercury News is giving Baldo a trial run in their newspaper while "Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau takes a break from his daily comic strip. The respite began Sunday and will continue until June 16.

In the meantime we look forward to delivering miles of smiles in SJ and earning your support to make Baldo a permanent fixture in your funny pages.
Post by Cheapest Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 32 bit software CarlosC at 11
:07PM. Comments to

Carlos Castellanos, Co-creator of BALDO comic strip on Planet Comic Book Radio
Hey guys, my interview with the always great Javier Hernandez, host of the ever popular PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO is now live and ready for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy our conversation at your leisure! Listen to the philosophical musings (did you know Gracie was originally Baldo's older sister???) No way!!!

I had a great time catching up with Javier, again.
Check it out.

Photo by Darcy Padilla
Gus Arriola passes at age 90
We've lost one of our heroes. It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Gus Arriola, creator of Gordo, who died at age 90 in his home in Carmel California on Saturday February 2. Gus’ feature was launched in 1941 and appeared in over 220 newspapers and ran in The San Francisco Chronicle for 43 years and was one of the first comics to celebrate Mexican culture in the United States.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Gus on several occassions as well as working together with him a few years back when we did a Gordo tribute. Whenever he would hear of Baldo getting picked up in a new paper he would send us a hand written note congratulating us and wishing us well. He was a true gentleman and a wonderfully creative and talented man.

We offer our sincere condolences to Mary Frances and family.

Vaya con dios mi amigo.

• Rediscover the beauty and class of Gus Arriola's work. Pick up a copy (or two) of his book 'Accidental Ambassador Gordo: The Comic Strip Art of Gus Arriola'. If you're at all a fan of fine comics, this book is a must have.

The Chronicle has a good write up regarding Gus’ career and history.

Friday, January 18, 2008
Racism Storyline 1/14 - 1/19
Ok, it's been one heck of a week trying to update the site with the wave of emails pouring in from such a huge number of readers, while trying to get work done and not miss deadlines. As you you can see, some very well thought out letters have been submitted the last few days reflecting several sides of the issue. It speaks volumes as to the intelligence of our Baldo fan base, and we appreciate every single person who took the time to share their thoughts with us. However, there are just far too many to continue posting here on the home page, so we've created a page where we will continue to post new incoming comments. After all, you deserve to be heard.

In the end, this is all about creating a civil dialogue so that we can all come to a better understanding and a deeper appreciation for what we all bring to the table. And yes, I've learned something here as well that I feel will no doubt translate to helping us produce a better strip in the long run and for that we thank you.

All comments on this storyline can be read here. Updated 1/23/08
Post by Buy Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015 64 bit CarlosC at 9:07PM. Comments to


Relocating to usa Friday, January 11, 2008
Feeling low rider 'bout now Todd switzer Lowrider blog
Don't let Baldo see nothing but racist comments about his Low Rider web page! I think that Low Riders are one of the many kinds of cool cars, along with the ZZ Top Eliminator Hot Rod, the '57 Chevy, the General Lee, and anything driven by James Bond. Let him see that people outside the Latino community appreciate fine automobiles, and that there's room in the parking lot for all sorts of cars from all sorts of people!
Post by Discount Microsoft Word 2016 64 bit software John R. at 5:50PM. Comments to

Intuit Quicken 2008 Home & Business 32 bit software Thursday, January 10, 2008
Did I miss something?
I really enjoy your strip.  It is beautifully written and has been a favorite of mine for many years. I think I am about a year behind as I used to catch up on your strip at work and working on a computer is hard with a child so I may be missing something. Did Baldo graduate?  Did I have a super spazz lapse where I missed it because recently it has been all store, no school and minimal family. Don't take this as criticism, I'm not criticizing you guys at all. I just want to know if he graduated and if so what strip so I can look it up. My husband and I are just wondering if it is permanent summer or if the direction has just gone elsewhere. My husband and I adore Gracie and hope to have a little girl who will be like her, but I'll probably get a Barbie touting fashionista. I used to put numerous Gracie strips up on my old office wall. Thank you for your time.
Post by Discount Solidworks 2016 Premium 32 bit Marie at 5:50PM. Comments to

Cheapest Hazel 3 software COMMENTS
Marie, there's nothing to look up. You didn't miss Baldo graduating from high school. We've just been exploring Baldo's workplace a lot these days. That does raise the question: Should the characters grow up? Should Gracie turn 10? 12? 15?! Like most comics, our cast never ages. But we've thought about characters getting older. What do you guys think? Send us your thoughts.
Post by HCantu at 5:50PM. Comments to


Friday, December 14, 2007
Strip reflects who we are
Hey Guys, We love Baldo and all his familia. It reminds us of who we are.
I have a Pito for y'all:
planchandoing - What my mother-in-law does when she is ironing ropa.
Continue with the great work on the strip and sigue le metindo mas espanish.
Post by JMTrejo at 2:17PM. Comments to


Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Wizard World Report 1

Well, Wizard World Texas is over and Carlos and I had a blast meeting all the people out there who read Baldo! You guys are awesome! Thanks for your support! We also have to give a big shout out to the fellow cartoonists who hung out with us. Here's a photo:

Wizard World Gang

On the left is David Αlvarez, creator of the Yenny comic strip, and next to him is Javier Hernandez, creator of El Muerto, a comic book that is now a movie starring Wilmer Valderrama. Of course, that's Carlos and Hector on the right. Thanks dudes for making this such a memorable, awesome weekend. And thanks too to El Gato Negro creator Richard Dominguez for organizing our visit. It would'nt have happened without Richard. Thanks, man. We'll post more Wizard World reports soon ... but we're all getting ready for the holiday, so we'll do as best we can to find the time.
Post by HCantu at 6:53AM. Comments to

Friday, November 16, 2007

These are great strips!

We love this strip. My husband is a carpenter as is our son. We e-mailed copies to everyone we know. Stephen from October 24, 2007 is a dope with no sense of humor. Racist ..... HAHAHAHA! These are great strips if you have a "SENSE OF HUMOR". Keep them running. We love the phone survey too. Happens all the time.
Post by Beth 8:22PM. Comments to

Can you send that Sunday strip?
Gentlemen: I love your creation! I am a loyal reader of your comic strip - I am a teacher and I frequently use it in school with students. A few weeks ago (maybe a month now - I lose track of time) on a Sunday Baldo and Gracie's Dad had been fiddling with the radio and some song lyrics from different songs appeared in the panels of the strip. One went something like "lleno de gracia ... (but not really a good person on the inside)". Unfortunately, I have lost the comics from that day, and I really (adverb!) wanted to save those words - it seemed to be a Spanish language equivalent of the English language saying "handsome is as handsome does". Is there any way you could send me that information? I realize I may have to wait until it is published in a book of your strips! Thank you for your time and attention to my e-mail.
Post by Shawn at 6:08PM. Comments to
No problem Shawn. We're away from our home computer today, but we'll send you that Sunday strip as soon as we're back in the studio.
Post by HCantu.

Thursday, November 15, 2007
This Pito musgo into the strip!
I enjoy reading Baldo. The "pitos" great! One "pito" that I learned from a friend a number of years ago is "mus-goes". I was to fix dinner for a group of workers at a school in Greece and asked what I should prepare. The reply was "Mus-goes". I thought this was a Greek food I was not familiar with. My friend laughed and said, "No no, you go to the refrigerator and say 'this must go, and that must go' in eat the "left overs". So, mus-goes are the left overs in your fridge. Can you send me a copy of the comic if you make one for mus-goes? Thanks.
Post by Bonnie 5:54PM. Comments to

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
I like bits of Spanish in your strip
I've recently discovered your strip and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. It's not only funny, but I love your style of drawing! (So many comic strips are just visually ugly.) I like the little bits of Spanish that are in it now and then even though I'm not a native speaker. (Our family is Hispanic, but our dad brought us up only speaking English. So I studied Spanish in school.) I see so many cultural bits in your strip that remind me of my family even though we've been in this country for ages and are pretty assimilated.
Post by Mary at 4:39AM. Comments to

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Baldo is one of my favorite strips
Good Afternoon, First of all I’d like to say how incredibly talented both of you are. “Baldo” has quickly become one of my favorite comic strips. Being Hispanic, it is so refreshing to see our culture’s habits, faults, accomplishments, etc. portrayed in such a light-hearted yet proud manner. Though it’s a comic strip, there is nothing degrading or facetious about it; it simply is a wonderful way to view the customs and even stereotypes of our heritage.
Secondly, I would like your permission to post some of your comic strips on our station’s monthly newsletter which I create every month for our employees, clients, and fans of the stations. We do post the newsletter on our website which you can view at Since our stations Univision, Telefutura, and Super Estrella cater to the Hispanic market, I think your comic strip would be perfect for inclusion.
Post by Sandra at 12:38PM. Comments to

I have a Pito for you
dia de enflanelada - when winter comes and and it's so cold one puts flannel sheets on the bed.
I spelled flannel with one "N" to make it more "Spanish". I'm still enjoying Baldo. I don't fit the demographic but it doesn't matter.
Post by Glenn at 7:33AM. Comments to

Saturday, November 10, 2007
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Do your strips translate?
Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of your comic. I do not speak Spanish, but I am aware that Baldo is also published in this language in various other newspapers. I was just wondering how certain jokes could possibly be translated - for example, the other day when Tia Carmen was teaching Gracie Spanish words and she butchered them beyond belief. How would this gag work in any other language but English???? Thanks!
Post by Emile at 3:35PM. Comments to
Emile, you're right, it's not always easy. In most cases, our gags can pretty much be translated directly into Spanish. But language gags are a bit harder. In those cases, the gags are sometimes re-written to make more sense. Sometimes, the gag is similar ... sometimes it takes on a whole new approach. Helping us in all of this is our buddy Alberto Bernal. He's a native Spanish speaker who is part of our team and does the translating for all Baldo strips in Spanish. He does a great job, que no? BTW, you can read Baldo in Spanish by following the link in the right column.
Post by HCantu.

Thursday, November 8, 2007
Aaron McGruder
We've always been a fan of Aaron McGruder and The Boondocks. Check out this interesting new interview about his comic and TV show on
Post by HCantu at 7:52AM. Comments to
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Is this a lo blow?
Your "Pitos" cartoon of 10/23, submitted by Victor M. L--pez, reminded me of that oldie: What is the only word in the Spanish language that can be masculine, feminine and neuter? Answer: "pez"
el PEZ... (fish)
la PEZ....(tar) and, tada!:...
Post by Murray at 1:53PM. Comments to
Monday, November 5, 2007
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Dad is right

Today’s comic was kinda how I feel. Papa said “If you ask me, comics are not a place for teaching the public anything about political correctness, rice relations, or religion.” As written, I totally agree with him. “Teaching” implies that the cartoonist is right. Sorry, but cartooning does not give you insights or omniscience on any of those subjects, so being a teacher by being an actor, director, cartoonist, comedian, etc is foolish. If you want to indicate that cartoons (or the other professions) can be useful to open a dialogue about issues, then I can accept that. That is what blogs, political cartoons, opinion pieces, etc are about. That said, I read the comics for humor. I read the sports pages for sports, the opinion columns for important issues, and news columns for facts. When a cartoon gets too preachy to be funny, I simply stop reading. I have enough serious in my life and not enough humor.
Post by Jeffrey at 5:04PM. Comments to
Sunday, November 4, 2007 
Baldo one of the best and funniest
Your comic strip is one of the best and funniest I've seen in a long time. It's nice to see something this good and fresh when so much out there is trash. Thank you for keeping us smiling and keep up the good work.
Post by drbob at 7:20PM. Comments to
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Translation por favor!
I love Baldo and read it daily. I am studing Spanish and need help with Sunday's [10/21] comic. I understood all said except for Ernesto.
He said, Oye, esta orden ya esta lista.
I just need help to put that into a sentence. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Post by Keith at 5:57PM. Comments to
Happy to ayudar [help]! Ernesto is saying: 'Hey, this order fell on the floor but serve it anyway!' OK, not really, he's saying 'Hey, this ought to taste especially lame, it's road kill!' OK, not really, he's saying, 'Hey, this order is ready!'
Post by HCantu.
I don't like soccer, I like baseball

I happen to pickup the Houston chronicle comics on Sunday the 29th and read for the first time "Baldo". i am from the Caribbean and don't like soccer. baseball is king. i did not mind the comic strip, all what was said is true, but i also do not want to be stereotyped as liking soccer. a small comment which i am sure you are aware of.
Post by ppujols at 5:53PM. Comments to
Hmmmmm .... For those of you who missed it, here's that strip.

Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Post by HCantu.

Friday, October 26, 2007
I've got two Pitos for you
So these two work for my family and i quite often ...
tantadans -- underware
my mom would always yell ..... Come get your dirty tantadans from my room!
shweck -- when somethings messed up, weither it is because you hurry or are just lazy. i.e. look at the way you fixed the broken lamp with super glue. It's all schweck. The pieces don't even lay on each other properly.
Post by Laura R. at 6:57PM. Comments to
Can Baldo teach some real Spanish?
Thanks, I enjoy the strip. I don't speak or understand Spanish. I don't even know how properly to pronounce Baldo .... You could do this country and our Hispanic immigrants a great service by teaching us a word of
Spanish each day ... My children (now adults) watched Sesame Street while growing up and I learned agua, and some of the single digit numbers. I think it would be a great community service and it would help break down a lot walls if you would add it to the strip or just put a line at the bottom, unrelated to the story line, that teaches a
word and has the proper pronunciation ...
When I was a child, there were cards in the boxes of Shredded Wheat, that separated the layers of biscuits, they were printed with survival and nature, animal footprints, etc. information from Mark Trail. We always read these and learned from them. Just a thought, and Thanks again for adding to the joy of my day. Life is Good!
Post by Bara at 12:11PM. Comments to
Hola Carlos y Hector! ‘Soy yo, otra vez, con mis palabras locas del dia! I just wanted to let Bara know that it is possible to get a daily dose of "Spanish Word of the Day" without adding more to your plato (you guys work hard enough as it is!). I have customized my own iGoogle page. With iGoogle (it's free!) you can choose from hundreds of "Of the Day" topics to add. There are "Cute Baby Animal Fotos of the Day", "How to" tips of the day, "Joke of the Day", today's weather, "Healthy Vegetable of the Day"- almost anything you can think of you can add to your "Of the Day"!!! Tengo cinco differente "Spanish Word/Phrase of the Day" boxes that appear on my iGoogle page. (Por ejemplo, today's words are: el lucimiento, fisico, a principios de, tengo, el bigote). One of them is actually a "Spanish Word of the Hour"! It gives the definition, pronunciation, and example of how to use the word. One of them has a recorded voice that you can click on & hear the word being pronounced. Mi esposa takes classes to improve his English, so I make the effort to improve my Spanish. I also have some friends who add the Spanish Words of the Day to their iGoogle and we practice them on each other all day! Practice makes perfect! It is not enough to read a new word (in any lengua!) every day, we must say it, read it, and hear it over and over again to really learn it. It would be an admirable undertaking for Carlos y Hector to add a "Mark Trail"-style Spanish Word of the Day box to their strip. They get harassed enough as it is for things like bringing to light the plight of Latino members of the armed forces, immigration issues, Tia Carmen's friend Gregorio not being more of a presence in the strip, los pitos... If they started adding Words of the Day there will be a hundred people complaining about which words they chose!!!
Post by Catharine Espinosa.

Here's another Pito

tutshite -- What you want the door to be when it's cold outside.
I said this once in error, and no one caught it because it fools the ear - everyone thought I had said "shut tight"
Post by mippy724 at 11:54AM. Comments to
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
What's the Baldo background?
Your strip is new in our paper...only a few weeks. Just read "about Baldo" on the internet and learned something new. I thought the woman with the big glasses was the mom. So, who is this other woman? Too bad we missed the "beginning" so we'd know who everyone is.
Post by Sharon at 9:22AM. Comments to
The woman you are referring to is Baldo's great aunt Carmen (Tia Carmen). We did a series of strips about how she came to the family and you can read it here. The Baldo Wikipedia entry also gives good background. Hope that helps! And we're happy we're in your paper!
Post by HCantu.
Thursday, October 25, 2007
I have a friohijo
Hi there & hope you're doing well! Pitos are fun. How about: friohijo -- When your son wears summer clothes in the winter.
Post by Carol B. at 4:59PM. Comments to
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
A Pito for after lunch
I “casualize” my belt by loosening it after lunch.
P.S. I was a cabinet maker for 8 years, long ago, and encountered carpentontos twice in my career. Both times friends or neighbors asked me to bid on a job, which I did. Later, much later, the called to ask if I could correct the damage by the carpentonto they had hired. In one case, when I arrived, the carpentonto had a huge architects’ book out and was going to engineer the entire outdoor staircase, then give the plans to the lumber yard and have them mill everything. He had no tools! He offered me a hash pipe and said, “I figure this is a two bowl job!” Later ...
Post by Rush R. at 9:31PM. Comments to
Letting it out
-- when you really need to sneeze, but can't get it out.
Post by Kayla at 8:42PM. Comments to

Here is my Pito.....

doomlafloo -- to shut one down completely, rejection. For example- say Baldo ask's his sister a question and his sister says some smart aleck answer back to him. his sister just doomlaflooed Baldo. Thanks!!!

Post by Allison S. at 8:31PM. Comments to
This Pito is scarey
-- The fear of Shakespeare work, including long poems.
Post by Justin at 7:41PM. Comments to
Here's some chingadera
Love your work. The panels on the Chinese restaurant staffed by Hispanics was so true for our area. Here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Spanglish can be prevalent. One word I frequently hear is "chingadera". It is used to mean an object, device, or tool that one doesn't know the exact technical term for. It is the equivalent of "thingamabob" or "thingamajig".
Post by Norman R. at 4:51PM. Comments to
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos

Your comic is racist
Carpentonto? That's racist. I can't believe you printed it. I guess it's supposed to mean that if a carpenter is lousey he must be a native american.
Post by Stephen at 2:25PM. Comments to 
Ha! For a second there we were suckers (or as Carlos would say, chuperos -- see below). But there's no way you're serious. ... Right?

Post by HCantu
Does this work as a Pito?

chupero -- He will believe everything you tell him. He falls for every trick you want to play.

Post by Carlos Campo at 2:19PM. Comments to
I have two Pitos for you
- sepa la mo: which means "I have no idea"
- My daughter likes: Mis tennis no se ajuitan which means " I won't back down or get embarrassed.
For example: sepa la mo
Which dog is the father of the puppies? My sisters response was "Sepa La Mo" while being surrounded by 3 male dogs.
For Example: Mis tennis no se ajuitan (also can use rajan instead of ajuitan) My brother in law asked me if I was up for a game of volleyball with his volleyball team and my response was "mis tennis no se ajuitan".
Post by Diane at 7:24AM. Comments to
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
You'll like this one
scrabalastic -- means a super genius
Post by Moshe at 11:01PM. Comments to
Use this one please!
zachrad -- a snack, so big, it can only be consumed by teenagers. Please use this :)
Post by Bracha L. at 10:27PM. Comments to
What about disastrophy?
When my friend Irma G.'s apartment flooded she described it as a "disastrophy" a combination of a disaster and a catastrophy! I thought that was a pretty good description and feel that it would make an appropriate Pitos.
Post by Alyce at 6:13PM. Comments to
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
What are you talking about?
My husband and I give up - we still have no clue as to what a "patamobile" is. Do we have to understand Spanish to get this? We hope other "pitos" will be understood by English speakers. Thanks.
Post by Sharon at 5:54PM. Comments to
We'd hate to exclude anyone who doesn't know Spanish from the fun and frolic that is Baldo. 'Pata' means foot.

Post by HCantu
Pito for mass ...

Did you know that in Mexico, church communion services still use unleaven bread, but have substituted Mole instead of wine in the service? They call it "Holeh -Mole "
Post by M. Salinas at 4:48PM. Comments to
Here's one for you
MOOLEXIA ........ The uncontrollable urge to holler "MOOOOOO" from the window of your car when passing a herd of cows.
Post by Larry G. at 1:27PM. Comments to
Pito with a squirt
musquirt -- the watery substance that comes out of the bottle before the mustard

Post by Fermin at 1:08PM. Comments to
A Pito you can sit on
Recently I was looking at some furniture (a small half sized two person seat). three very old women came by, looked at the item. One said SETEE? DAY-BED?? another said Couch?? Sofa??? The third one said "It is a DO-FO; It will do for a bed, couch,sofa, or whatever you want it to be; a DO- FO: I have always called them."
Post by Joe & Anita at 12:48PM. Comments to
Pito: How do you do that?
MY PITO.....
Post by Jessica R.A. at 6:56AM. Comments to

Pitos: They drive me craaaaazy!

This is my Pito:
carbage -- the garbage that is in your car!
Post by Kelly K. at 6:27AM. Comments to
Monday, October 22, 2007
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Ruiz del Rio strip is wrong

Hey guys, in today's strip about Emilio Ruiz del R'o's passing (which happened well over a month ago, by the way) you incorrectly stated that he worked on Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia. He did indeed work on Pan's Labyrinth, but not the other two films. If you don't believe me, you can check IMDb:
Post by D.J. at 2:33PM. Comments to
What? Us wrong? NEVAH! Sorry, Deej, while we respect the, it doesn't always tell the full story. Check out the official Associated Press obituary, which also ran in Variety, the premier source of entertainment news.
Post by HCantu.

Thursday, October 18, 2007
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Who is the old dude?
Guys, today's was funny with Gracie playing the marketing girl and all but who's that guy with the cart? I never seen anyone in the S.F. Bay area or the Sacramento area pushing a cart who looks like that kindly old gentleman. Our guys look like thirty-something dudes, skinny with dirty old ball caps, jeans and a t-shirt. I'm not sure that old guy depicted in your strip could push that cart up and down city streets all day. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!
Post by Bob M. at 5:45AM. Comments to
Bob, the staff here at Baldo Comics Comic Enterprises & Graphic Services Ltd. Inc. works hard at our mission: to knock down stereotypes. Sure, we could have drawn our palatero skinny with a dirty old ball cap, jeans and a t-shirt. But we refuse to perpetuate that stereotype! We demand honor and dignity for our palatero brothers, hitting the streets everyday to provide refreshingly cool treats to kids everywhere! That is our mission, and we refuse to ignore the small things in the comic arts that make this a better country.
Post by HCantu. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Strip knocks down stereotypes
Hey! I'm happy I finally have a chance to email you guys! I just wanted to say, I really enjoy your comic strips! I'm white myself, but it just annoys me so much to hear people talking about how 'all Hispanics are bad' just because of stereotypes. In fact, my neighborhood has recently had a lot more Hispanics moving in, and if anything, they are IMPROVING the neighborhood! One family moved in to a really beat down house that no one was buying about a year the house is extremely beautiful! It's even better than when it was first built! And how did this happen, you might ask? These Hispanics worked together to do this. No hired hands. Just relatives and people that lived in the household. They are very nice and considerate people, too! One time, they even randomly asked me to join a barbecue they were having on the 4th of July! And I had the best time there. I'm glad that there are people like you guys out in the world who bother to try and clear up awful, awful stereotypes, all the while using entertainment as a medium! Thanks a ton, and keep up the great work!
Post by David at 9:05PM. Comments to
Latinos move into neighborhood, make improvements and have cool barbecues? That's a stereotype we can live with!
Post by HCantu.
Thursday, October 11, 2007
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Today's strip really hilarious
I am in retail and I must say that today's strip was the most hilarious thing in the whole paper (Stars & Stripes, Pacific edition). Keep up the great work. I also really enjoyed the series you did on the old veteran as well. Keep up the good work and God Bless!!
Post by Jerry at 6:23PM. Comments to
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Comic totally realistic
In today's strip, 10/10/08, Baldo is asked to cross out his initials and initial the cross out. When I was a Coast Guard officer a yeoman came to me with a report I had read and initialed and explained that since I was not on the distribution list would I please erase my initials and initial the
Post by Robin at 8:11AM. Comments to
Sunday, October 7, 2007
I hang my head in shame ... really!
I'm ashamed to be a BALDO fan with this week's strip that considered the word "really" as an adjective! I am a Language Arts teacher, and worry that you are misinforming millions of impressionable kids into thinking that "really" is an adjective. Adjectives answer the following question: "Whose?" "Which one?" "How many?" and "What kind?"
Adverbs answer the question "How?" Please let your readers know of this grammatic error, guys! Please? As a Language Arts teacher, we need you on our side, not the fools who cannot use their words correctly.
Post by actiscenei at 12:32PM. Comments to
OK, we're either big idiots ... or we knew exactly what we were doing. YOU decide!
Post by HCantu.
Drafted disproportionately?

As a "gringo" who grew up in West Texas with many Latino friends, I was gratified to read your Benny Rameriz strips. They did remind me of an discomforting memory, though. Coming of age during the Vietnam era, I was disturbed at that time -- and continue to be -- to notice the disproportionate number of Latinos who were drafted out of our local district. Has this issue ever been addressed?
Post by Tommy at 10:29AM. Comments to
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Thought you'd like to know

"Really, really, really, really, really cool" is actually 5 adverbs
(the "ly" ending is a key) and an adjective. Thought you'd like to know.
Post by Jennifer at 10:28AM. Comments to
Saturday, October 6, 2007
Baldo disappoints me
A bit disappointed in today's comic -- really is an adverb. So there was only one adjective.
Post by M. Graham at 9:18AM. Comments to
Friday, October 5, 2007
Newspaper photo looks familiar
On September 27, there was a letter from you to the San Antonio Editorial which showed you looking at a picture of a sailor and a soldier, from world war 2. you may be surprised that my husband and I have a picture almost identical so we were wondering where and whom are they. it so happened Ben [my husband] was in Guam in 1945. I think, he was in the air force and his brother who was in the navy was sent there for a few days. his name was A L , well he knew Ben was there so he looked for him and surprised him, took him to the ship and gave him a good meal. their last name is Daniel, they were both from Galveston Tex. my husband still lives and we now live in Seguin for two years, please answer when you have time. very interesting in that picture.

Post by Trine & Ben at 5:29PM. Comments to
First, here's a link to a web site with that story and a photo of me holding a photo. And here is a copy of the photo I am holding.
Quino and Johnny Longoria 
These are my uncles, Quino and Johnny Longoria, who proudly served in World War II.
Post by HCantu.

Thursday, October 4, 2007
South Texas needs vet. hospital
Post by J. Vasquez at 9:13PM. Comments to
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Another prayerful moment please
This has been a poignant last several days for comic strip aficionados. Lisa dies in Funky Winkerbean. Jim is dying in For Better or Worse. But to balance and bring joy to my reading, Benny Ramirez recounts his modest heroism of WWII. I read the Indy Star from front to back, always finishing with the comics, and always including Baldo in my must reads. I love Baldo. I love Baldo’s family. He goes from teenage foibles to family prayers like real life. Can you please put another prayerful moment in your strip? Thank you for Baldo.
Post by Brian at 9:25PM. Comments to
Some of the best airmen ...
Thanks for introducing Benny Ramirez. I served in the Air Force from the Korean War through the early stages of Viet Nam. Some of the best airmen I served with and under were Latino, mostly Mexican and Puerto Rican. There were also a few Cuban nationals working toward US citizenship (at that time 4 years honorable service in the military qualified you). As good as the Ken Burns film is, you are right in pointing out the lack of coverage of Latinos' very great contribution. Thanks for the only strip I care about.
Post by Richard K. at 5:15PM. Comments to baldomail@baldocomicscom.
Where can we get copies?
Hi, I teach 8th grade history in South Carolina, and I absolutely loved your strips on the Hispanic American contribution to World War II. I shared the strips with a fellow teacher to see if we could use them in class, and she asked if there was any way that we could get them in Spanish for our students that are English language learners, so I told her I would email you and ask. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Post by Amy at 2PM. Comments to
Amy, on the right side of this page, you will see 'Baldo en Espanol.' Click on that and then hit 'previous day' until you reach the strips. You can print from there. You may wanna do that soon because strips go back only a month or three weeks.
Post by HCantu.

Monday, October 1, 2007
Were remarks off the mark?
This past Sunday a Fox sports comentator made what some of us think a very racists remark. "OLE! OLE!---look at the matador go." What in the world was this about? Howard Cosell all over again. I would love to see a strip about this.
Post by Delma W. at 5:05PM. Comments to
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